Precision Care by Medical Professionals

At SU Yonsei Eye Clinic, our team of specialized medical professionals conducts thorough examinations to accurately assess the most appropriate surgical method for your eye condition. Through this, we proceed with the optimal surgical approach tailored to your eye health.

Combining Science, Technology, and Medicine

Not only do we utilize cutting-edge surgical equipment to achieve the highest quality of vision correction, but we also offer meticulous pre- and post-operative care to our patients. Additionally, our expertise in research and treatment of keratoconus ensures that we deliver the best possible results for our patients.

Medical Team with Decades of Experience and Know-how

Our seven-member medical team at SU Yonsei Eye Clinic brings decades of experience and the highest surgical skills to the table. They not only perform surgeries but also engage in regular research, always considering the patient's eye health. Furthermore, we are transparent in discussing the necessity of treatment, what type of treatment is needed, and when it is needed, providing clear direction in all phases of care.


Globally Recognized Excellence in Ophthalmology

The SU YONSEI EYE CLINIC has garnered international acclaim through its extensive academic lectures and significant contributions to medical education across various nations. This esteemed reputation is a testament to the long-standing dedication and passion of the entire medical team at SU YONSEI EYE CLINIC, who have consistently focused on delivering outstanding surgical outcomes and ensuring the absolute safety of their patients. Discover their array of awards and global engagements now.

Why SU Yonsei Eye Clinic?

All medical professionals at SU Yonsei Eye Clinic are engaged in research and treatment through our in-house keratoconus research center. As Reference Doctors in the field of intraocular lens implantation, we not only conduct surgery cases and research developments but also educate medical professionals worldwide. We additionally engage in research on intraocular lens implantation for keratoconus patients post-treatment.

Beyond surgical treatments, SU Yonsei Eye Clinic is committed to transparent communication about the necessity, type, and timing of treatments, ensuring that we offer clear direction throughout the entire care process.

Possession of
Laser Equipment

We own advanced laser technology, leveraging our expertise and experience to offer exceptional care.

Direct Eye Examinations with 1:1 Attention

Prior to surgery, every surgeon conducts the examinations to determine the optimal surgical approach and amount of correction needed for his/her own patients to prevent all possible errors.

Specialized Treatment for Minimizing Side Effects

We offer specialized treatment aimed at minimizing side effects from surgery until the patient reaches full recovery.


Our medical team comprises top experts across various disciplines, ensuring that we can provide optimized treatment in any situation.

Seven Highly Capable Medical
Professionals Performing
All Surgeries

Our skilled medical team, competent enough to educate medical professionals around the world, personally conducts all treatments.

Capability to Treat Complex
Conditions Like Keratoconus

Through our in-house research and development, we are fully equipped to manage even complex conditions effectively.

SU Yonsei's Equipments

- SU Yonsei Eye Clinic is equipped with state-of-the-art laser technology that reflects our high level of expertise. -

SU Yonsei's Vision Correction Surgery Center

Specialized Medical Team at SU Yonsei

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# Please observe the following before visiting the hospital

# Soft lenses should not be worn for more than 5 to 7 days.

# Hard lenses/soft lenses for astigmatism should not be worn for more than 10 to 14 days.